Reliving Past Holidays

During the summer of 2020, in the gap between Covid-19 lockdowns, I took the opportunity to spend some quality time with my elderly father in south Wales. We live in London so visiting another ‘country’ is not as easy as it used to be!

At the start of the week, we were discussing when was the last year that we did not enjoy a summer holiday abroad. We quickly started reminiscing about our Mediterranean holidays in the 1980’s and the wonderful times that we had.

My father mentioned that he still had all the photos of the holidays in boxes in the attic and we brought them down to the living room to investigate – there were thousands of them! We then decided that there was no point in the photos staying and decaying in the attic, and that we should transfer them to digital format so that we could all enjoy them for years to come.

Getting the photos digitized was the easy part, we used Digitize Media, but preparing them for digitization was another thing altogether. Luckily the Digitize Media team were always on hand to give friendly advice on sorting, cleaning, labelling, and packing the photographs. Each evening after dinner we would diligently sit down and sort through a couple of boxes, discarding photos that were out of focus, duplicates, poorly framed or damaged beyond repair until we had our final set to be digitized.

Digitize Media arranged a courier to collect the photographs which was low cost, safe, convenient and meant that we did not have to go to the post office, and a week later the photos together with a USB with the scanned images duly arrived back.

This is the time of year that we would be planning and booking our 2021 summer holidays, but at this time we are not even sure if we will be allowed to travel. So, we came up with the idea of revisiting our past summer holidays together over Skype.

Every Sunday evening, we pick a past holiday and each purchase some food and wine from the country and relive those past wonderful times.

So far, we have revisited the south of Spain, the Amalfi Coast and Rhodes with journeys to France, Turkey, and the Swiss Alps amongst others to come.

I could not thank Digitize Media enough for their ongoing help and support. I found a phone call with Samantha was extremely re-assuring in walking me through the process and what needs to be done. Overall I highly recommend getting your photos and slides scanned with Digitize Media.

Written by Mike Evans

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