Six of the best home cinema gadgets

With autumn very clearly on its way, Peter Jenkinson looks at the best home cinema gadgets to help you hibernate

Unless you’re planning to emigrate Down Under, there’s no way of avoiding the advent of earlier evenings; so why not embrace them instead? Make up a list of films as yet unseen and turn your front room into a snuggle-up cinema, with the help of the following nifty home cinema kits.


Samsung OLED TV S9C – £6,999 from

This stunning TV set fills your field of vision with its gentle curved screen, giving a very different feel from anything else we’ve ever seen. The TV also boasts multi-view, so two channels can be played on the screen at once, one person playing a console game and another watching Countdown, perhaps.


Sonos Playbar – £599 from

Inside this single slimline unit are a number of smaller speakers, all combining to re-produce a multi box surround system by throwing sounds all about your room. It might not have the subwoofer for that extra boom, but for an average sized room this is a superb solution. It connects to WiFi too so you can stream all your audio through it, and it’s a great accessory for gamers.


Superstar popcorn machine – £16.99 from

There is no point even attempting to replicate the at-home cinema experience without some popcorn to hand. Ready-made stuff just isn’t up to our exacting standards though, only home-made will do – thankfully, this neat machine will cook up plenty in no time at all. It requires no oil either, so you can tuck in feeling smug and healthy.


Retro Hotdog machine – £50 from

Serve up quick-fire snacks from a machine that you won’t need to consign to a dark cupboard after use, as it looks great left out on display. Just pop in the dogs and the bread and, because the unit cooks each at a different temperature, they’ll be ready to serve up at the same time. Load up with sauce, then enjoy.


Sony BDV N590 – £399 from

Plenty of kit for your cash here; multi-unit surround sound delivering amazing bass, a Blu-Ray player for high definition viewing and an all-round audio experience. The unit features WiFi too, so it can stream content to your TV set. Basically, a multi-award winning and multi-function set punching well above its price tag.


EH-TW550 – £599.03 from

If you’re in the market for size as well as substance, this HD delivering projector will fill your wall with a 100-inch picture, no bother at all. Not only great for film watching, this easy to set up unit really immerses you into games too, and is great for watching festival coverage or big sports events if you don’t really fancy braving the elements.

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