5 Reasons why you should walk the Camino de Santiago

Whether you need time out to reflect or want to challenge yourself to something new, walking the Camino de Santiago is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. Experience an ancient pilgrimage route and discover the beauty of Northern Spain as you walk through some of the most stunning Spanish countryside. From the top of the pyrenees mountains to the woodlands of Galicia, this adventure will give you a true taste of life.

Every year thousands of pilgrims and walking enthusiasts from around the world embark on this unique journey. The Camino isn’t a traditional type of holiday, it is often a linked to a passion for walking or perhaps it has been on your bucket-list for years.

At we give you everything you need to get started on your Camino journey. Life is about the journey and the people you meet along the way so why not get out on the trails and enjoy celebrating nature.

Here are some of the reasons why walking the Camino is a special journey for the soul…

1. Peace and quiet

Walking the Camino will give you time to reflect on the world around you. As you make your way from one town to the next you will pass through peaceful hamlets and quiet country villages. These tranquil surroundings are the ideal way to relax. Taking each day at your own pace you can enjoy wandering the backstreets of the rustic Spanish towns.

2. Soul Searching

For some, the Camino marks the end or beginning of a journey and is often a turning point in their lives. Your only goal each day is to follow the yellow arrows to reach the next town. Hence you will have plenty of time to ponder life’s questions and give yourself time to heal.

3. Unique Cultural Experience

Since the middle ages, the Camino has been popular with pilgrims from around the world. The Way of Saint James serves as a route to bring people from different cultures together. You will have the chance to taste the famous Spanish tapas, learn about local Galician culture and discover the traditions of the Camino. While walking the Camino you’re free to explore the stunning Spanish countryside and learn more about the cultural aspects of the Camino that make it an extra special journey.

4. Give yourself a challenge

Walking the Camino isn’t so much of an endurance challenge like completing a marathon, but more of a soulful challenge with a physical element. You will be walking between 20 to 30 kilometres per day over several days so if you are in the mood for a sense of achievement then the Camino will certainly offer it to you. You are presented with a long walk, taking you over and around many difference landscapes. The paths you follow have been trodden for hundreds of years.

Don’t panic if you are not super fit, you don’t need to be. There is a Camino route for everyone and the team at Caminoways will help you decide on the best terrain.

5. Meet fellow pilgrims

Spending time with your fellow peregrinos when you are out on the trails is one of our favourite reasons to walk the Camino. Energy, passion and encouragement are in abundance as you go from place to place. People often open up about various aspects of their life and you can be humbled by the difficulties others have faced. A glass of Albarino and a good story from a new found friend is the perfect way to finish off the day.

If you are ready to walk the Camino de Santiago or would like to learn more about the trails please feel free to contact one of the travel specialists at

Written by Lisa Gibbons, Lisa is an adventure travel enthusiast who has walked the Camino several times.


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