Adopting a dog or cat: Picking your perfect pet

Adopting an animal is a generous gesture that also has some wonderful benefits for you. Not only will you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you have rescued an animal from an uncertain future, but you’ll also have years of companionship and wonderful experiences to look forward to.

If you love both dogs and cats, take some time to find out more about the pros and cons of living with each before you make your decision. Each can make a wonderful pet, but one may be far more suited to your lifestyle than the other.

Living with a cat

Cats are well known for their independence, so they can be a good choice if you have a lot of weekly commitments in your life. Your cat won’t mind if you’re home late some evenings or if you have to be out all day, especially if you live in a home that will allow you to install a cat flap. They can be very loving as well as undemanding and Purina has complied some compelling evidence that cats are good for your health. If you’re not sure whether a cat would suit you better or not, have a look at Pets 101 and their fun article explaining why they think cats are better than dogs.

Do remember that not all cats are the same. All animals have their own unique personality and, while you can train cats to respect certain house rules, you can’t change their basic character. You can, however, think about the breed of cat you adopt and find one that is inline with your preferences. Select Smart has a handy personality quiz that can help you pick the most suitable breeds for you.

Getting to know a dog

Often referred to as man’s best friend, dogs are some of the most loyal and loving pets you can have. They form very strong bonds with their owners and are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a pet that will make them feel needed. The Nest has a lovely list of the star qualities that make dogs great pets and The Daily Puppy has put together some top reasons for inviting a dog into your home.

Dogs do typically need a lot more attention than cats, their feeding times are normally stricter and it’s essential that you are able to devote an appropriate amount of time to helping your dog stay fit and healthy. That said, this can be a big benefit for people who are hoping to improve their own fitness levels. It’s also possible to choose breeds of dogs that will suit your ability to exercises, as some breeds need very little while others need a lot. The Pedigree Dog Database is a great place to work out which type of dog is most likely to be happy living with you.

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