Discovering the joys of yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise that’s excellent for both mind and body.

While it’s not the type of activity that will help you burn a lot of calories, it will boost your flexibility, improve your core strength and increase feelings of wellbeing.

Passed down orally from generation to generation, yoga is thought to have originated more than five thousand years ago. Tenets of yoga can be found in a variety of the world’s religions, perhaps most noticeably in Hindu and Buddhist faiths, and it focuses on a specific combination of breathing, meditation and physical poses. Find out how yoga can help improve your quality of life in several simple steps.

The benefits of yoga

Perhaps one of the most wonderful things about yoga is the fact that it’s a form of exercise that can be enjoyed by a huge cross section of society. Many people start practising yoga when they are in their 70s and wonder why they didn’t give it a try sooner. As the exercise comprises mainly of adopting a series of poses that are chosen to improve strength and flexibility, the pace and difficulty of a class or routine can be adjusted to suit all levels of fitness and coordination. The Huffington Post has a good article outlining a few of the benefits of yoga for the over 50s, including keeping the mind sharp and reducing menopausal discomfort.

Yoga can also help to prevent falls by improving your balance and strengthening your lower body. This can be a huge boon as you begin to grow older and the earlier you start, the better the benefits will be. People who suffer from arthritis could also find that yoga can help to reduce pain and improve flexibility, but you will need to be careful about the yoga exercises you do as not all will be suitable. For a comprehensive list of the many ways yoga can promote good health, turn to this useful health guide from the NHS.

Getting into yoga

While yoga is something you can practise alone, it’s a very good idea to start your journey in a class. A teacher can help to correct your mistakes and give you guidance about the kind of stretches and poses that are suitable for your skill and strength levels. Sites such as YogaHub and Local Yoga Classes can help you find a professional class in your area.

At your class, you’ll learn a variety of routines and techniques that you can then hone and continue to perfect at home. Once you are more advanced, you may want to experiment with a variety of yoga DVDs or instruction videos found online. At Do Yoga With Me you’ll find a huge selection of videos suitable for all levels of expertise. Enjoy exploring the fabulous world of yoga from the comfort of your own home; just be careful not to try anything too advanced without the help of a teacher. Find a new lease of life with this ancient and revered form of exercise and meditation.

Have you tried yoga?

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