Retirement living

After years of hard work, retirement is a particularly exciting time. You can arrange your days, take on new hobbies, travel and spend time with family and friends. The possibilities are nearly endless, and many retired people find this new chapter in life one of the most fulfilling yet.

Retirement isn’t just about leaving working life behind however, and for many there are questions about where to spend the next years of your life.

Leaving behind the responsibilities of maintaining a property by selling your home is a great option if you’re looking to free up some money for travel, and by moving into a retirement living community you can enjoy the benefits of your own living space and independence without the hassle.

The benefits

For many, retirement living brings to mind images of isolating nursing homes, separation from your family and a lack of physical and mental stimulation.  If that’s your notion of what retirement living is like, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that all over the UK new and exciting options are being made available that offer you freedom, independence and a sense of community, without the responsibility of a big house that you’re not longer willing to take care of.

Modern retirement communities come with a whole list of benefits. There are staff members always on site to help with everything from mobility to handiwork, and services offered range from laundry to hairdressing and meals. The added benefit of moving into a flat in a retirement community is that they are typically designed to accommodate ageing – arthritis friendly taps and emergency pull cords in every flat are just a few of the useful innovations you can expect.

Finding what’s right for you

Even if you’re not intending to move from your family home for several years, thinking seriously about your options when it comes to retirement living and making a decision well in advance can help you maintain your independence and ensure your living situation is always one that you’re happy and comfortable with.

Research your options to find out what’s right for you – retirement homes offer full and part-ownership, care options, hands-on support and fully independent flats within a retirement community. Consider where you want to live, what’s important to you and then explore your options. Speak to family members, friends, and other people who have decided to make the move to a retirement community.

The internet is a great place to begin this search, and you can find lots of unbiased information about the pros and cons of retirement living. Articles like the Independent’s overview of retirement homes are a great place to start as you gather information about what’s best for you. Age UK is also an excellent resource if you want to learn more about retirement living and what your options are – their helpful guides like this one on sheltered housing can help you understand your options.

It’s also worth having a look at some of the information provided by prominent retirement living communities around the UK. Sunrise Senior Living has places all over the country and is focused on offering a community that promotes independence, dignity and freedom of choice.  Housing Care is also a useful website as you begin your search, with a huge directory of the options available all over the UK and information to help you decide what’s best for you.

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