Having fun with paper crafting

Paper crafting is a wonderfully creative hobby that can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

There are many different forms of paper crafting, from scrapbooking to origami, and each is a fun and inexpensive way to harness your creative abilities.

Most paper crafters are keen to make lovely pieces of artwork to share, such as personalised birthday cards or unique pictures to mark special celebrations. Start small and see what intricate and original things you can make from paper. Not only is the process of creating very relaxing, but you’ll have some great crafts to show off when you’re finished.

The ABCs of paper crafting

Paper crafting simply means making things out of paper and card and therefore covers a lot of different fun activities. However, all of these tend to have some similarities and if you become good at one kind of paper crafting, the chances are that you’ll be able to easily adapt to try another too. As with the majority of creative hobbies, you’ll need some supplies to help you along your way. PaperKraft has put together a really good guide to paper crafting basics, including things like a decent pair of scissors, glue, a protective mat and, of course, plenty of paper.

Perhaps card making is the easiest and best place to start when you’re experimenting with paper crafting, as you can begin with a clear goal in mind. To make a card, you typically only need to decorate the front and you’ll find there are many stamps, punches and paper crafting guidelines to help you along your way. Have a look at Cardmaking and Paper Crafting for an excellent beginners guide and you’ll soon be making lovely cards.

Alternatively, bookmarks are a lot of fun to make and have a useful application when finished. Simply cut card to the right size and decorate any way you see fit. Scrapbooking[L1]  is another excellent choice for paper crafters who are looking to make something substantial. Even better, once you’re done you’ll have a unique family heirloom to treasure forever.

Different ways to create with paper

There are lots of ways to make something memorable from paper and you shouldn’t assume you’re restricted to 2D designs. In fact, there are some brilliant and creative designs for paper models that are sure to astound your friends and family readily available online. Just have a look at So Crafty’s guide to model making for an idea of some of the more unusual items you can make once you’re skilled at wielding paper and card. You may also enjoy perfecting the art of origami and having a go at some of the lovely, intricate designs that characterise this Japanese art form.

For inspiration in a wide range of other paper-related crafts, have a look at magazines aimed at makers, such as Paper Craft Inspirations or Paper Craft Magazine, both of which are absolutely packed with tips, tricks and how to articles. Once you’ve become proficient at some of the most popular paper crafting styles you’re sure to find that new ideas and crafty projects spring to mind every time you sit down at your desk.

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