Getting started with flower arranging

Flower arranging can be a very relaxing and rewarding hobby.

Create gorgeous displays whether you have a large garden or not and enjoy exercising your imagination without a large investment in tools or materials.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a few of our favourite resources from around the web.

Your first steps

There’s much more to flower arranging that simply placing a few blooms in whatever vase you have to hand.

However, one of the best things about the hobby is how accessible it is. Check out this interesting Secrets of Flower Arranging guide in the Guardian and find out how a complete beginner learned how to create her first bouquet.

It has some useful tips for people starting out – for example, white flowers are perfect for beginners because they look so classy it’s hard to make an ugly arrangement. Get going with a few of the easy flower arranging lessons and examples from Real Simple.

There’s also some really useful information to be found on the Martha Stewart site, which has a whole host of handy tips and lessons designed to turn you into an expert in no time. Discover Martha’s secrets and grow your confidence when it comes to handling flowers, foliage and vases. There’s even a Flower School section to help you hone your skills.

Finding out more about flower arranging

For an absolutely fantastic range of articles on all kinds of flower arranging, head over to the Save on Crafts site. While the authors are based in America, the advice is generally very straightforward and applicable in the UK and they cover everything from contemporary designs to advanced, traditional techniques.

Another great place to find inspirational articles about flower arranging is on the Better Homes and Gardens site, which offers several simple how to guides perfect for experimenting with flowers and colours.

Once you’ve learned how to put together a few simple arrangements, look forward to spending some time browsing sites like Pinterest and being inspired by all of the fantastic, flowery creations people are happy to share.

You’ll also find a nice spread of information, as well as a friendly and personal touch, on the Flower Arranger’s Garden. Colourful, natural and wonderful to share, flower arranging is a dream hobby – so what are you waiting for?

Which flower is your all-round favourite?

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