Test your skills with an online IQ test

Put your brain to work and test your skills with an online IQ test.

Intelligence quotient – IQ – is a standardised measurement to help assess human intelligence.

Tests measure our ability to use abstract reasoning to solve problems against a strict timeframe. IQ tests can be a fun and interesting way to keep your mind active and measure your abilities. And with the help of the internet, you can take one without ever leaving your own home.

Here’s a few of the best IQ tests to be found from around the web.


Mensa is the High IQ Society and its popularity is partly what makes IQ tests so appealing. You can sign up to sit a supervised test in your local area or enjoy some of the puzzles and practice tests they offer on the site. Mensa Luxembourg also offers an online test you can try for free.

123 Test

123 Test offers free IQ tests in both cultural fair and classical formats. Each has a professional version you can take by paying a fee, or a shorter free version you can try if you want

Cambridge Brain Sciences

Cambridge Brain Sciences has introduced the next generation of IQ tests that helps measure all the different brain processes in action. If you’re interested in measuring your IQ differently, their free test is short and interesting, too.

Brain Metrix

Brain Metrix offers a simple, short and free IQ test you can try online and get your results straight away. If you like that test, the site also features dozens of other reflex tests, memory games, brain exercises and more.

Have you ever measured your IQ? What do you make of an IQ test?

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