The best retirement blogs on the web

We work our whole lives fro the pleasure and the privilege of being able to retire and spend our days exactly as we choose.  

Whether you’re newly retired or are looking forward to your last day of work with anticipation, this exciting time can present plenty of new challenges. What better way to learn than through the wisdom of others?

All over the web there are excellent blogs written by retirees who are navigating life after their career has ended. Whether you’re planning to travel, retrain or are looking to live well on a small budget, these great reads will help inspire, inform and entertain.

Notes from Retirement  

Notes from Retirement is a blog written by John Brassey. He retired from his role as MD of Instanta in 2010, and since then has been using his blog as a way to chart his retirement and share bits of his life online. The blog is filled with detailed accounts of his travels, family, hobbies and daily life and makes for some excellent reading. If you’re not yet sure how you’ll spend your time once you’ve retired, John will show you how it’s done on his blog.

Julia’s Place

Retired Headteacher Julia’s blog, Julia’s Place, is a great read if you’re feeling nervous about what’s next after retirement. Julia began writing her blog after feeling she lost her purpose when she retired in 2008. After discovering the internet and social media she began her blog where she shares her experiences and adventures. Since then, a vibrant community has flourished on her blog, and as you explore you can find plenty of helpful tips about how to make the most of your time and strike the right balance when your career ends.

Retirement Rocks

Retirement Rocks is a humorous blog filled with experiences and stores by its writer, a 62-year-old retiree who finished work at the age of 49. From details about his solo travels to ramblings on modern life, Retirement Rocks is an interesting and engaging read from start to finish. If you enjoy the content on the current WordPress blog, you can also find earlier posts on the Retirement Rocks blogspot account – it hasn’t been updated since 2013, but still makes for great reading if you enjoy this writer’s unique perspective and take on the world.

Kathy’s Retirement Blog

On her blog, Kathy’s philosophy is that retirement is all about the journey, not the destination. Here she shares her perspective on the emotional aspects of retirement; how to be mentally challenged, physically active and emotionally satisfied during this new stage of life. Her blog is filled with insights about how to navigate the transition during retirement and to get to a happy place where life has meaning and purpose once you leave the working world.

Are there any blogs you like to follow? What are your favourite retirement reads?



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