Buying & Maintaining Fish Tanks

Buying and caring for fish tanks

If you’re thinking about getting a new pet for your household, fish tanks might seem like a low-maintenance option. But while it’s true that home aquariums don’t need to be walked every day or be trained to use kitty litter, keeping fish is no simple task.

Thankfully, there’s a range of resources available online for people who want to buy new fish tanks – read on for the lowdown on where to buy fish tanks and how to care for them.

Buying fish tanks online

Once upon a time, pet shops and fish tank specialists were a mainstay of the British high street. Today, much of that industry has moved online. And while it means that you’re less likely to go into a shop and gaze at glistening aquariums, online fish tank shops generally have a much wider array of choice than you’d get in-store.

Swell UK, for example, sells a wide variety of fish tanks online. Here, you can search easily for aquariums by size, from small tanks to extra-large ones. Looking for a small aquarium to keep on your desktop with one or two fish? Their nano tanks are worth a look. New fish keepers looking for a large, ready-made aquarium on the other hand should take a look at the Juwel Rekord 700. And if you want to start from scratch, simply pick up an empty TMC Signature and build up a fishy habitat yourself.

Pet Planet UK also has a range of fish tanks, from small fish bowls to large aquariums. You can even buy small children’s aquariums and starter kits from retail giants like Tesco and Amazon. And for peripheral supplies like filters, heaters and lights, Aquariums Delivered has a variety of useful products.

Feeling overwhelmed by the array of fish tanks you have to choose from? One of the leading brands is biOrb, whose range of products includes simple yet classic aquariums with in-built filtration and LED lights.

Tips on fish tank maintenance

Once you’ve set up your aquarium and safely given your fish a new home, it’s important to implement a regular caring regime. To start with, your fish will need to be fed, usually every day. Different fish prefer different food, so make sure you know what to feed your species. You also need to make sure that your tank has the correct equipment to maintain a good environment. This includes filters, heaters (especially if you’re keeping tropical fish, which require warmer temperatures), plants, lighting (to create a healthy day-night environment) and gravel for the bottom of your tank, so it looks and feels more like an ocean floor.

Over time, you’ll need to change the water in your fish tanks to get rid of any pollutants that have built up. To establish the pH balance of your aquarium, consider buying a water testing kit and making regular checks. When changing your water, it’s also advisable to clean the gravel at the base of your tank, in order to remove any debris and remaining pollutants. And filter maintenance is essential for a happy aquarium too.

For more advice on maintaining fish tanks and keeping fish, is a valuable online resource.


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