The best free puzzle and game apps

Free puzzle and game apps are a great way to relax or make the most of time spent commuting or sitting in a waiting room.

Here’s a handful of the best free puzzle and game apps on the market both for iPhone and Android phones. Beware – they’re addictive!

Candy Crush

Candy Crush has been on the market for several years now, but for many users is still the undisputed best. The simple puzzle game works by challenging you to find and create 3-way combinations of matching pieces. You can play your way through literally hundreds of levels, each one bringing new  challenges with it, so even if you’re an expert it will help to keep you challenged. Candy Crush Saga is the original game, but you can also try different versions in Candy Crush Jelly, Candy Crush Soda and Candy Crush Friends.


For fans of Tetris, 1010! is a wonderful spin on this classic concept. It’s challenging but slower paced, so you can take the time to think over your next move. The game works by asking you to position shapes on a 10×10 grid. When you create a complete line, the line disappears.

Pair Solitaire

Pair Solitaire takes the concept of the classic game and brings it into a format that works well on your smartphone. Your goal is to pair cards and remove as many pairs from the deck as possible before running out of moves.

Tiny Bubbles

Calm, relaxing and oddly meditative, the aim of Tiny Bubbles is to match and then pop a string of coloured bubbles. Bubble-blowing fish and challenging colour combinations help keep the game challenging as you move though the levels. It’s free to play, or you can upgrade to a paid version to avoid ads.

What are your favourite puzzle games and apps for your smartphone? Share your recommendations in the comments below! 

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