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Unless you were born after the mid-90s, it won’t seem all that long ago when the little phone you carried around in your pocket or bag just made and received calls and texts.

Now, you can just about do everything imaginable thanks to your portable chum, from booking a table at your favourite restaurant to city maps that you can use without data roaming. Here are some of the top apps to download to help you travel around, whether it’s about town or further afield.

Open Table

Found yourself out and about and utterly starving? You don’t want to have to queue anywhere, you simply need food now. Open Table helps you discover new restaurants, allows you to view menus, reviews and photos, and even offers the chance to earn reward points towards your next meal out.

JetLag Genie 

Few would argue that one of the worst things about long-haul travel is the jetlag and a similarly low number of people have come up with workable cures to defeat it. But most would agree that slight changes to your sleeping habits before you board that lengthy flight have a good chance of being successful. JetLag Genie is a real help as it analyses your travel dates, destination and usual sleeping times to provide you with personalised alarm clocks which should ease your re-entry onto terra firma.

Packing Pro

Packing for your holiday is a total pain, right? Well it doesn’t need to be with Packing Pro. Once you’ve told it where you’re off to, with whom and for how long, it replies with a detailed suggestion list of what you might need, split up into essentials (passport, foreign currency), clothing, sunglasses (or rainwear), with separate lists for additional family members.


Featuring an unlimited amount of maps, this is the perfect travel companion with in-depth content such as popular places to visit and insider tips. And, incredibly, there are no roaming charges. A mere 16 million travellers have already made use of it while on the move.

AA Parking 

Well, I could try that nearby car park but I don’t really have time to be driving around aimlessly looking for a space that isn’t even there. AA Parking has the capability to track down actual real-time spaces in some car parks while you can see straight away how much it’ll cost per hour in the nearest car park. My, that’s clever.

TravelSafe Pro

Few things can be more scary than being away from home when a health scare or injury occurs and you don’t have emergency numbers to hand. TravelSafe Pro arms you with a potentially life-saving database of numbers for just about every country in existence. It also includes embassy details should your passport take a hike.


This public transport app covers many of the world’s busiest metropolitan centres, so you should never be more than a few taps away from a very handy stop-by-stop itinerary.

PinPin ATM finder

Being in a strange place without much money on you and unaware of the nearest cash point is never fun. With this in your pocket, you’ll always be able to find one with very little delay. Over 200 countries are listed, so very soon you could even have a top 10 favourite ATM machines across the world! If that’s your thing . . .

Do you have a favourite travel app that’s not included here?


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