Perfect food and wine pairings from Laithwaite’s Wine

We have partnered with Laithwaite’s Wine to bring you great wine and food pairings for this time of the year.

Willem the Silent 

This warming, spicy southern Rhône red is the perfect partner for hearty winter dishes. You could go traditional and serve it alongside beef stew and dumplings or perhaps go with a goulash (Hungarian soup of meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika). The spiciness of Willem the Silent goes really well with that paprika flavour. There’s quite a strong North African influence in the modern cuisine of southern France, so another great option is to serve this alongside lamb tagine and couscous. The wine really brings out the spice, sweet fruit and slow-cooked meat flavours of this classic Moroccan dish.

The Black Stump

This Aussie beauty is all bramble fruit, pepper and hints of vanilla. There are also lovely soft, dry tannins which give the wine structure. Taste the wine carefully and you’ll notice them on the front of your tongue. Pair Black Stump with a marbled steak, and something magical happens. The tannins help soften the fat, which contains a lot of the meat’s lovely flavour. And the fat softens the wine even more, making those dark fruit flavours even juicier. A marriage made in heaven!

Silver Route Tempranillo 

Tempranillo is the great red grape of Spain and produces a wine rippling with spiced berry flavours and enough structure to go with a host of different dishes. You could go for a plate of Spanish hams, olive oil and bread with this wine. Or perhaps a tomato and red pepper cannelloni or seafood paella. This is a really versatile wine that brings out the best in host of Spanish dishes.

The Hour Teller Sauvignon Blanc

This Kiwi classic has intense cut grass aromas and the freshest gooseberry, lemon and lime flavours. Asian cuisine is really popular in New Zealand, thanks in some part to how well it goes with the nation’s signature white. Thai green curry, fishcakes with chilli sauce and all kinds of sushi seafood dishes will go really well with The Hour Teller. Alternatively, New Zealand Sauvignon makes a great partner for good, old-fashioned fish and chips.

McPherson’s The Full Fifteen Chardonnay 

Here’s a delicious reminder of how great Aussie Chardonnay can taste. It’s full-bodied with ripe tropical fruit flavours and hints of oak, which bring out the very best in creamy chicken dishes or a mushroom stroganoff. However, Aussie Chardonnay really comes into its own in the summer months during barbecue season. Open a chilled bottle while you’ve got king prawns sizzling on the barbie and imagine yourself under the hot sun on Bondi beach!


This is a blend of lots of different local grape varieties grown in the Alpine foothills of northern Italy – and a style that’s much loved in the restaurants of Venice, Verona and Milan. Its fresh acidity cuts beautifully through the saltiness of prosciutto or roasted cod wrapped in parma ham. This is also a great wine to serve with classic seafood linguine.


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