Websites for cancer information

If you or a loved one has just received a cancer diagnosis, it may feel difficult to cope.

As well as dealing with the emotional turbulence of cancer, it’s tough to keep on top of the mountains of information and medical terms being thrown your way.

 Here’s our round-up of the best sites for cancer information on the web.

General cancer information and support online


For general cancer information, Macmillan should be your first port of call. Macmillan’s website has a dedicated section for cancer information, including its causes and risk factors, details of test and screenings, treatments and how to live with cancer. If you’ve never encountered cancer before, this website is ideal as it starts with the most basic question: what is cancer? If you don’t have cancer but you have a friend or relative that does, Macmillan has advice for you too and there’s even a specialist section for young adults and teenagers.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is another excellent source of advice and information. Here, details are divided into four main sections: cancers in general, specific cancer types, coping with cancer, and trials and research. So whatever cancer information you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it here. Cancer Research UK also runs a wide variety of fundraising events across the country – including the now well-known Race for Life – and you can get involved through their website too.


Elsewhere, Bupa provides a wide variety of handy cancer information online. In addition to factual details about different types of cancers, there are also essential tips on cancer awareness, how to live after treatment and how to talk to children about cancer. Most importantly, Bupa also hosts first-hand stories from people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Hearing about other people’s journeys can be remarkably reassuring and supportive, so these websites could be particularly useful for dealing with the emotions caused by a cancer diagnosis.

Information about specific cancers

The websites mentioned above have a wide range of general information on cancer. But if you’re looking for details on particular types of cancer, there’s much more available too. The NHS cancer A-Z, for instance, includes links to information on many cancers, from common types like breast cancer to lesser-known variants such as oesophageal cancer and nasopharyngeal cancer.

For people affected by breast cancer, Breast Cancer Care’s website could be an important source of support and factual details. Prostate Cancer UK also has all you need to know about this type of cancer, which is the most common in men in the UK. And for more information on bowel cancer, has a number of essential booklets and fact sheets, as well as fundraising and volunteering opportunities.

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