Staying healthy on holiday

Nothing disrupts travel plans faster than illness – make sure you’re fighting fit and ready for adventure with our simple tips and tricks.

Get a health check

A trip to your GP to check your vitals and assess any concerns you have before leaving for a holiday can go a long way; flying with uncontrolled high blood pressure for example can be dangerous, so it’s always good to check if there’s anything to be concerned about before you go.

Check vaccinations

Depending on where you travel to it might be recommended – or required – that you be vaccinated against a range of diseases. Check our guide on travel vaccinations to learn more.

Pack sunscreen

If you’ll be somewhere sunny and warm, be sure to pack sunscreen as a nasty sunburn not only increases your risk of skin cancer but can also make your skin feel sore and uncomfortable. This isn’t just for lying out on the beach – if you’ll be outdoors in the sun, even in very mild temperatures, you should be wearing SPF.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance will mean you’re protected and can access medical treatment if anything unexpected happens while you’re away. You can purchase policies for a single journey or a general policy that will last for several months, both relatively cheaply.

Think about food and water

Stomach bugs from unclean drinking water or improperly cooked foods are very common for holidaymakers – if the tap water is not safe to drink, carry bottled water with you at all times and only purchase water from reliable sources. Avoid restaurants or stalls with low food safety standards and ensure you’re eating meat and fish that has been well cooked.

Pack medications

Make sure you have a filled prescription for any medications you regularly take and bring it with you in your hand luggage. If you are an anxious flyer or have any seasickness concerns, speak to your doctor about whether there are any medications you can take to make the journey more comfortable and relaxed for you.

Use bug repellent

Mosquito bites are an annoyance on holiday and in certain parts of the world also carry health risks. Always use insect repellent when you’re travelling and check before you go whether you’ll be visiting any at-risk areas where you could contract diseases like malaria or Zika virus.



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