Travelling during hurricane season

For some travellers there are major incentives to travelling during hurricane season – flights and hotels are cheaper and popular attractions are much quieter. But is it worth the risk?

If you’re considering travelling to a destination that’s affected by hurricane season, here’s the tips you need to know.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance during hurricane season is absolutely essential. The most important thing you can do to insure you don’t lose any money and stay safe is to get a comprehensive travel insurance policy and check the fine print to ensure you’ll be compensated if a storm prevents you from travelling. Read it carefully to make sure there aren’t any exclusions – such as travelling during a storm season.

Check for a hurricane guarantee

In areas that are affected by hurricanes, many resorts will offer a guarantee where you can get a portion or all of your money back if a hurricane ruins your holiday. Look for a hotel that is well equipped to deal with any storms and don’t be afraid to call and ask questions before you make a booking.

Stay connected

Going to remote islands to unplug and disconnect is one of the great joys of a tropical holiday, but if you’re travelling during hurricane season it’s essential you stay connected. Make sure you have access to a phone and radio at all times, and an internet connection if you can get it, too. Storms can usually be detected anywhere from several hours to several days before they develop, so staying connected will ensure you’re safe and well prepared if a storm does form.

Pick your destination carefully

While there’s never any guarantee that some places will and won’t be hit by a hurricane, statistically there are parts of the world that are more likely to get a storm than another. Caribbean destinations inside the hurricane belt – Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic – are more likely to be hit by a hurricane than the southern islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. If you’re keen to go to the Caribbean during hurricane season you might also consider a cruise – cruise ships have sophisticated weather systems and will naturally detour to a different port or ports if a storm arises while you’re on board that could potentially be dangerous.



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