Travelling with sports equipment

From skis and snowboards to golf clubs and snooker cues, adventure holidays often call for special equipment.

If you’re preparing for a flight with some special equipment, here’s what to do to make sure it all arrives in one piece:

Check your airline rules

Whatever you intend to travel with, check your airline rules about what is and isn’t allowed – most will have guidelines clearly stated on their website. Most standard airlines will allow you to carry equipment as part of your free checked baggage allowance, unless over the weight restrictions. Others require you to pay a small fee for anything additional you might bring. Read the rules carefully in advance and make sure you have informed them if they require you to do so.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is a wise choice no matter what you’re doing on holiday, but particularly if you’re travelling with important or expensive items like skis or golf clubs that you have everything covered. Look for a travel insurance policy that will cover for loss, damage or theft of your equipment.

Travelling with golf clubs

Check the weight of your golf clubs and if possible make sure your set comes in under 23 kg, which is the standard maximum weight for airlines in the UK. Get a durable, well-made travel bag – hard shell is best – and make sure it is clearly labelled with your name and phone number in case it gets lost in transit.

Travelling with skis and snowboards

Skis and snowboards are generally allowed as part of your free checked baggage allowance as long as they don’t exceed the maximum weight limit and are packed properly in a soft or hard shell ski/snowboard bag. You can pack a pair of skis, boots, poles and helmet as part of your allowance.

Travelling with Bikes

Non-motorised bicycles are also allowed to travel with you but must be packed properly in a protective hard or soft case. Wheels should be partially deflated and handlebars must be removed or turned to be in line with the frame. Attachments like pedals should also be removed.




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