Travelling with diabetes

Travelling with type one and type two diabetes presents its own unique challenges, particularly when you need to make long journeys and are traveling to unknown places.

Diabetes doesn’t need to hold you back from adventure – if you’re planning a holiday, here are some tips and tricks to help make sure everything goes smoothly.

Carry diabetes ID

Diabetes ID and a letter from your GP that you have diabetes and outlining the medication you need to treat it is a travel essential, particularly if you need to use injectables and will be going through an airport.

Bring extra

Whether you take insulin or another medication to manage your diabetes, make sure you have everything you need and plenty of extra – even double what you would normally use – to ensure you’re covered for every eventuality.

Leave extra time

Leave yourself plenty of extra time to get to the airport and get through security – if you’re traveling with liquid insulin in greater quantities than 100ml it’s likely airport security will want to look closely at your documents and make sure everything is authentic.

Pack your hand luggage

Keep all your medication with you in your hand luggage along with any other tools, supplies or equipment you might need. If you’re travelling alone, it may be worthwhile informing the cabin crew that you’re a diabetic if you haven’t already, and if you have a medic alert bracelet on travel days is a good time to wear it.

Keep an eye on time zones

Changing time zones can disrupt your normal medication or insulin schedule. Check with your doctor about the best strategy to keep your dosage normal and take into consideration how a change in atmosphere and weather might impact your insulin and blood glucose monitoring.

Pack food and snacks

Pack enough snacks to see you through when you’re making a long journey in case of any unexpected delays. If you’re travelling to a remote or exotic location, it’s also a good idea to pack some extra food with you so you always have some on hand when you need it.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is a must for any diabetic and can help ensure you are safe and protected if anything goes wrong while you’re abroad. Not all countries offer the same level of cover as the NHS, and even if you have a European Health Insurance Card, there are some things it won’t cover that travel insurance will.

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