10 Easy homemade gift ideas

Looking for ways to make Christmas a little more personal this year? Show you care by making your own gifts – it’s easier than you think.

Forget hours spent in frustration on crafts that never turn out the way you hoped – we’ve put together ten of our favourite simple homemade gift ideas you can make this month that are thoughtful, useful – and dare we say it – better than store-bought

1. Tote bagsGreat for carrying books to the library, towels to the beach, or groceries home from the shop, there’s few people these days who don’t have use for a tote bag. Make and decorate your own – this project is simple to put together and requires only basic sewing skills. If decorating is more your thing, skip the first step and buy an inexpensive canvas tote and decorate that instead. Learn how to do it here.

2. A recipe book – Pass the family recipes onto the next generation with a handmade recipe book. It’s a simple, meaningful gift that your loved one can cherish and use. Spend some time thinking about your favourite recipes and the tricks you’ve learned over the years. You can use a store-bought recipe file (Paperchase has a nice range of inexpensive ones) and then spend time writing out your favourite recipes and your tips on how to make them. Resist the urge to do it on the computer – your handwriting is part of what will make this one special.

3. Felt slippers – This is a great idea for your family on Christmas morning, and all it requires is some basic stitching. Make everyone a pair with their favourite colour or decorate them all to match – you’ll need thick felt, strong thread, a sewing kit and access to a printer. Learn how to do it here.

4. Baking bowlTurn the idea of a hamper on its head and instead fill up a bowl with kitchen supplies. This is a great one if you want something with a homemade feel but don’t have the time or the energy for a big craft – buy a big ceramic bowl and fill it with ingredients like extracts, baking soda, flour and a whisk. Then, add the final personal touch – a hand painted wooden spoon. Learn how to do it here.

5. Dip-dye candlesThis is an elegant project and requires next to no craft skills – all you need are some white candles, beeswax and a packet of crayons. Melt down the crayons and the beeswax together and simply dip the bottom of your white candles into the mixture. This is an especially good project because you can personalise it with their favourite colours or to match a room in their home. Learn how to do it here.

6. Cookie doughThis is a great gift for neighbours and busy friends as it’s a little treat they can enjoy on a rainy day when all the overindulgence of the Christmas season is long behind them. Pre-made cookie dough freezes well and looks great when it’s pre-scooped into a tin with handwritten cooking instructions. Learn how to do it here.

7. Stitched leather iPad caseThis is a great idea for any tech lovers in your life. There are a few different ways to make this project, and the good news is that you don’t necessarily even need to sew to get it done. Learn how to do it here and here.

8. Monogrammed doormat – Give the ultimate housewarming gift with a personalised doormat. It’s something most people use and need, and you can make it unique through decoration. Use your imagination – everything from initials to patterns or images like footprints will look great. All you need is a doormat, some spray paint and cardboard or tape to make your own stencil. Learn how to do it here.

9. Bath bombs – Make bath time a little more indulgent with your own home made bath bombs (sometimes also called a bath fizz). You can make them using ingredients you find in the kitchen and some essential oils. They’re very easy to personalise, and you can add a touch of professionalism to the presentation by moulding them in a silicone ice cube tray. Learn how to do it here.

10. Rainbow crayons – These are the perfect stocking stuffers for any children in your life. To make them all you need is a large pack of crayons and a muffin tin. Unwrap and break crayons into small pieces, then place a mixture of colours in the muffin tin. Melt in the oven and allow to cool. The result is a new fun round multi-coloured crayon. Learn how to do it here.

Are you inspired to try any of our homemade gift ideas? 

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