Back to school gifts for university students

As the summer winds down it’s nearly term time again for university students around the country.

If you’ve got children, nieces and nephews or grandchildren heading off to Uni this September and want to get them a little something, we’ve got great ideas to help send them on their way!

Instead of money

Ask any student what they’d love to receive as a gift and there’s a good chance they might say money! University tuition and living costs are higher than ever, and most students don’t have much pocket change to spare. There’s rarely a time money won’t be gratefully received.

That said, money isn’t always the most exciting gift to give when you want to do something a little more personal. This is where gift cards come in – they help put money towards something specific rather than leaving it to be spent on club nights and takeaways.

Look to their lifestyle for inspiration. For students, some of their biggest expenses are travel and food – a gift card to buy some train tickets to visit home or to do their weekly shop is a great way to show you care and also contribute something you know they’ll use.

Amazon vouchers, bookstore vouchers, restaurant vouchers and department store vouchers are all incredibly useful gifts for students heading back into the academic year.

Home furnishings

Whether they’re moving into a student flat with friends or staying in campus accommodation, a few home comforts help make all the difference. Soft pillows, throw blankets, candles and prints are just a few examples of things that can help them spruce up their space that they likely don’t have in the budget to buy themselves.

Picture frames, bean bags, clocks and a nice set of wine glasses are other gifts that can strike just the right chord.

Think about winter too – most students try to keep the heating down to save money. Warm slippers, soft bathrobes, fluffy towels, hot water bottles and electric blankets are practical and can help them feel cosy away from the family home.

Tech and school supplies

Pens, notebooks and backpacks are all classic hallmarks of the school year, and still just as necessary when students get to university too. Patterned notebooks, sets of pens, calendars, planners and book bags can all come in handy – shops like Paperchase, John Lewis, Urban Outfitters and Scribbler all carry student-approved styles.

Students today spend most of their time working on the computer, so tech gifts are another great shout. Do they need a printer or scanner?

Other gifts like a new mouse or keyboard for their desktop computer, laptop lock, tablet and computer case can all come in handy. A set of good headphones is another much-coveted accessory for the average uni student.

Do you have any ideas for back to school gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

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