Choosing glasses that suit you

Are you one of those people who feels shy bout putting your glasses on? Are you worried that they make you look unlike yourself?

The chances are that you’ve just not found the style that works for you yet. Love your specs with our tips on how to pick a great pair of glasses that reflect your personality and suit your face.

Choosing glasses to suit your face shape

While everyone’s face is unique, they do all have some things in common and there are six defined shapes that yours is likely to fall into. Work out which shape best describes you face, and choose the perfect glasses to complement it.

  1. Round: A circular face with a rounded chin and full cheeks suits narrow and angular frames that will help to make it look longer. Wide frames with strong bridges are also excellent for putting the focus on your eyes.
  2. Oval: A rounded chin and forehead and a nice length overall, this is the easiest face shape to complement with glasses. Most shapes will suit you but frames that are as wide or a little bit wider than your natural face shape are likely to look particularly good.
  3. Triangle: With a border forehead than chin, triangle shaped faces look best with glasses that have thin frames in light colours. It can also be good to choose frames that are wider on the bottom than they are on the top, to help readdress balance.
  4. Pyramid: the opposite of the diamond, this is quite an unusual face shape and glasses that put the focus on the eyes are ideal. Try cat’s eyes or frames that have patterns or detailing on the top half of the glasses.
  5. Diamond: Wide cheeks combined with a small forehead and narrow chin creates a diamond shaped face. Make it look great with oval shapes, rimless frames or glasses that have detailing around the brow lines.
  6. Rectangle: If you have a long face with a square chin and forehead, try square frames in larger sizes. Frames with low bridges can also help to shorten the face while patterned frames will highlight the eyes.
  7. Square: Broad foreheads with strong jawlines need glasses that soften angles and make faces appear longer. Narrow frames that are wider than they are deep tend to be good for this and round or oval frames are also excellent.

Let your personality shine through

Not only do your glasses allow you to see more clearly, they can also affect the way that people see you – so it’s a great idea to hunt for styles that complement your personality. You also need glasses that suit your lifestyle. If you’re a sporting type, robust frames made of material like titanium and shatterproof lenses are a must. If looking smart for work is essential, then stick to traditional colours like black, brown sliver and grey as well as classic frame shapes such as ovals, rectangles and almonds.

It’s also easy to show off a creative or fun personality with glasses, choose frames in bright colours or with exciting patterns and laminates or experiment with shapes. Many retro styles are back in fashion these days and cat’s eyes or aviators are excellent ways to ad some interest. There are also certain colours that are particularly good for making you look younger, so why not consider frames in deep brown, burgundy or gunmetal grey for men and brighter, shinier hues, such as purple or red, for women.

What are your favourite glasses like?



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