How to care for greys

Going grey has never been more popular, and after another lockdown this year, many men and women are taking it as an opportunity to embrace the silver side of life.

Whether you’re newly transitioning to grey hair or have been proudly grey for years, here are some useful tips to help your hair look and feel its best.

Find a conditioning mask

One of the biggest things most people notice when they stop dyeing their hair is a change in texture – naturally grey hair is typically drier and can feel coarse and difficult to manage when not looked after. Conditioning masks can make a big difference, and don’t have to be expensive – there’s dozens of options available for around five pounds. Taking the time once a week to leave in a repairing conditioner or a toning treatment mask designed specifically to remove brassiness will go a long way to helping a healthy head of hair.

Use a silver shampoo

‘Silver’ shampoo and conditioner sets help keep your hair looking its best by removing brassiness that can make grey or white hair look yellow or blue. Products like John Frieda’s shimmering silver are specifically designed for grey hair, while brand like Plantur 39 make specialist products for mature hair.

Try hair oil

Hair oil is a wonder product for all hair types but is especially great for greys. It can help hydrate your hair, smooth the ends, and tame frizz. To use, place a small amount in the palms of your hands, then lightly and gently rub through your hair and ends in any areas that need smoothing down.

Use the right brush

Particularly if you have dry, fine hair, it can be prone to breakage when you’ve gone grey. Boar bristle brushes like the classic Mason Pearson brush can help redistribute oils and give your hair shine. Brushes like the Wetbrush and Tangle Teaser are also brilliant and gentle, too.

Choose a styling cream

For hairstyling, a mousse or smoothing styling cream can help smooth away any breakage and make your hair look shiny and fresh.

Do you have any tips for how to care for greys? Leave your wisdom in the comments below! 

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