Tips for greying gracefully

While many men and women start greying in their early 30s, it can take several decades before warming to the idea of wearing grey hair.

Thanks to the wonders of hair dye, you can embrace or ignore your greying hair as you please – if you’re ready to break the cycle of root touch ups, here’s some tips to help make the transition smoothly.

Give it time

If you’ve been dying over your greys for many years, the transition to your natural grey will be a bit of an adjustment. Hair grows slowly – expect it to take a year depending on your hair length.

Go lighter

You can help ease the transition by gradually going lighter over a number of months if you’re in the habit of dying your hair darker. Speak to your hairdresser about gradually lightening up with highlights to help your roots feel more natural as they begin to grow in.

Chop off the additional length

Experimenting with a new style is a great opportunity when you also plan to quit dyeing your hair. If you have longer hair, try trimming it down into a shorter bob once your roots have grown in a few inches while you’re making the transition to grey – it’s easier to give the appearance of a more even colour in the first few months.

Try root touch up

Waiting for your roots to grow in is one of the most frustrating parts of transitioning to grey hair. You can bridge the gap with root cover up powder – you can simply brush it on to disguise your roots while you’re waiting for your hair to grow.

Try purple shampoo

Just because you’ve ditched your bottle of hair dye doesn’t mean your hair won’t need maintenance now and again. If you still have quite a bit of pigment in your hair – typically known as salt and pepper – this isn’t as much of a concern. Once your hair is much whiter, you may need to tone it to keep it from going a brassy yellow colour. Purple shampoo and conditioner is an easy everyday solution.

Do you have any tips for making the transition to grey? Let us know in the comments below!

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