Top 10 best kitchen gadgets for star chefs!

If your idea of heaven is spending time cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you’re sure to love these excellent gadgets.

Chosen for their ability to make cooking easier and efficient – as well as fun – they’re our top picks for star chefs at home.

1. Gefu 13460 Spiral Cutter Spirelli

With the spiral slicer you can conjure up endless Julienne strips of courgette, carrot, radish, cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables. Perfect for creating vegetable stir-fries, pasta dishes or to decorate serving dishes.

2. Master Class Cook’s Blowtorch

Perfect the topping on your crème brulée or perfectly caramelise the onions atop your tart with this powerful, handheld blowtorch.

3. Tala Cook’s Measure

This is less a gadget and more a kitchen essential, but its charming retro design and wide range of handy applications means it makes our list. Use this measure as a way to dispense with kitchen scales, thanks to its inner measurements sited to a variety of ingredients.

4. Joseph Joseph Tri Scale

When you do need a set of scales, make sure you have some that are not only incredibly accurate, they also fold away to save you space in the kitchen.

5. The Herby Brother Chopper

Chopping and slicing herbs has never been more enjoyable. This stainless steel, double blade, rocking chopper will give your food preparation that professional edge.

6.  Microplane Fine Grater

The super sharp blades make this ideal for everything from zesting lemons to grinding nutmeg or grating, light irresistible parmesan.

7. JML Microwave Hotpot

For when you want to get creative in the kitchen but just don’t have the time to go the full hog, this is perfect for everything from poached eggs to tapas.

8. Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

Make sure your pastry or dough is exactly as thick or thin as it should be with this easily adjustable rolling pin – a small invention that makes all the difference!

9. SousVide SVS-10LS Supreme

For the most tender meat and fish, have a go with this amazing water cooker. All you need to do is place your meat in a bag and leave it to gently cook in the water oven.

10. UUtensil Stirr 

Make sure your dinner doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan even when you’re off preparing the next stage, which this excellent automatic pot stirrer.

What’s your favourite kitchen-wonder?

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