10 clever uses for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is the world's most popular soft drink - it's sold in more than 200 countries and more than 1.7 servings of Coke products are served around the globe daily.

Coca-Cola is so much more than just a soft drink – there’s dozens of weird and wonderful alternative uses you can try at home.

Here’s 10 of our favourites.

  1. Clean the toilet – You read it right! It may seem counterintuitive because Coca-Cola is a dark liquid, but it’s a surprisingly effective toilet cleaner. Pour the Coke around the bowl and leave it to sit – brush, flush and you’re done.
  2. Remove grout – Coca-Cola can also be a quick and easy way to remove grout on tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. It’s a great alternative to chemicals if you have pets or young children around the house. Pour fresh Coke into a spray bottle and apply it to any tiles that need cleaning. Leave to sit for a few minutes then wipe away.
  3. Banish hiccups – If you often find yourself with the hiccups, try gurgling a large mouthful of ice-cold Coca-Cola to relieve the problem.
  4. Remove gum in hair – If you’ve ever accidentally had gum stuck in your hair, you know how tricky it can be to remove without simply cutting it out. If you – or any of your grandchildren or pets! – have gum stuck in hair or fur, dip it into a small bowl of Coke and if possible leave it to sit for a few minutes. The drink will break down the gum and make it easier to wipe off.
  5. Absorb oil stains – If your car leaks oil on the floor of your drive or garage, help Coke solve the problem. Soak the stain in Coke and leave for several hours, then hose off – the stain should wipe away cleanly.
  6. Remove rust – Remove rust build up from your car or other areas around the home and garden with Coke. You can loosen a rusty bolt by leaving it to soak, or remove rust by scrubbing Coca-Cola over the area with a piece of crumpled tinfoil.
  7. Speed up your compost – If you keep a compost box in your back garden, try this useful trick to speed up the process. Pour a bottle of Coke into the compost box and leave it to work. The sugar feeds micro organisms in the soil and the acidity will help the compost break down faster.
  8. Remove blood stains – If you have blood stained clothing or fabric, try using Coke to solve the problem. It’s a surprisingly effective stain remover.
  9. Help nausea and upset stomach – If you’re feeling nauseous or suffering from an upset stomach, leave a glass of coke out to go flat, and then drink it a little at the time. It will help to relieve your symptoms when you don’t want to take medicine.
  10. As a marinade – Coke can also be used as an inexpensive marinade for cooking – it helps keep meat tender and juicy and works especially well with tough cuts of steak meat.

Do you know any clever alternative uses for Coca-Cola? Let us know in the comments below!

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6th Jan 2019
Thanks for voting!
The ring pull on cans can be removed & slotted on hanger, this will save space in wardrobe & you can hang outfits together!
27th Dec 2018
Thanks for voting!
Years ago out local pub landlord used to put his horse brasses in a bucket of Coke and leave them overnight and they came out sparkling clean. Someone also told me once that Coke was originally invented as a medicine but then they discovered that people liked to drink it. It is very good if you have the gripes and can't eat anything but other than that I can't stand the stuff.
26th Dec 2018
Thanks for voting!
Thank you Rachel .
I haven’t been on here long ,but I have thoroughly enjoyed it.the funny cartoons on here have had me in stitches,just the kind of therapy I needed as my husband will have been dead 1 year on the 27th December.
Happy new year
Mary xx
9th Aug 2018
Thanks for voting!
Great article! Very informative. I'm amazed at all the ways you can use Coca-Cola around your home. But, it's scary that we drink this. My husband recently used Coke to unclog our drain. It initially didn't work but after we added more Coke the problem was fixed. I found this article online that explains in more detail how to use Coke to unclog your drain.
I think it would be beneficial to readers if the author added an extra paragraph about how to use Coke to unclog your drain to this existing content.
14th Aug 2018
Thanks for voting!
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to try using Coke to unclog my kitchen drain. I never would have thought this drink could have so many uses!
15th Jan 2017
Thanks for voting!
The Head of Science at school in the early Sixties did an experiment for us.

A six inch nail was suspended over a glass beaker by wire. The beaker was filled with Coke and remained on his desk for three days. When the nail was withdrawn from Coke only that part not immersed in Coke remained.

That stuff eats iron!

He went on to tell us dirty brickwork could be cleaned with Coke, as well as the writer's idea of removing rust from cars.

Haven't touched it since.
15th Jan 2017
Thanks for voting!
I have used coke to clean old coins and also some mineral specimens. It is good to know it has its uses as I hate the taste
13th Jan 2017
Thanks for voting!
if you burn the inside of your pans put some coke in the bottom and heat until boiling then let it cool and rub the bottom of the pan and you will find that the burnt stuff will come of
Thanks for voting!
Great tip 🙂 It does make yo wonder what it does to the inside of your stomach! 😉
15th Jan 2017
Thanks for voting!
Perhaps the EU should put this on it's banned substances list. Might be injected or inhaled! Or worse, drunk!
12th Jan 2017
Thanks for voting!
Pour a full bottle of Coca-Cola over a joint of gammon / bacon and cook in the normal way. This gives a succulent flavour and the meat is also nice and tender. Ideal to use a slow cooker for even better results and also will cook slowly whilst you do other chores or at work.

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