Tips for building your online dating profile

Online dating is an extremely popular way to connect with potential partners in our ever-connected world – today roughly 20% of relationships begin online. 

If you’re thinking of trying a dating website for the first time, here are a few things to keep in mind to make your profile stand out.

Stay positive

Stay away from the negatives when you’re writing your profile. Potential partners don’t need to know about a bitter divorce, trouble with a job, bad dates you’ve had or personal heartache. They need to know what you’re looking for and what you love in life. Think of it as you might do with a job application, where you only write about the good things that you can bring.

Be Honest

Start by thinking about what is really important to you in a potential partner. Do you want to date, or commit? Do you want to meet someone who lives locally, or who is in another city? You should be honest about this in your profile, as it will help find the right matches.

Don’t pretend to be a height, weight or age that isn’t true. If things go well and you meet up with a match, they will see that you lied and things will go downhill from there. Be accepting of who you are and let this shine through on your profile.

Show What’s Important to You

Talking about what you love to do and why is a very important part of your profile, and there are a few things you can do to help make this stand out.

Avoid clichés when you’re talking about your hobbies. Think about what you really like to do, and write about those activities. Maybe it’s walking the dog in the local park, meeting friends for drinks in the evening, taking part in pub quizzes, or going for a swim in your local gym. Try to get specific about things if you can. If you like travelling, say where you’ve been and what inspired you. If you are musical or artistic, talk about what medium you use and why. If you cook or home brew, talk about favourite recipes and tastes you love.

Try to represent yourself as you are and avoid simply writing what you think others will want to see.

Think of different things that are important to you, and include them too – your favourite song, favourite artist, a quote you love from a book, a charity you’re passionate about. Use these things to really show who you are and what is important to you.

If you find it hard to write your profile, try asking a friend to take a look at it, or ask them what how they would describe you – seeing yourself through another person’s eyes can be a great starting point.

Get the Perfect Picture

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for better or for worse, this is especially true of an online dating profile.

Choose a photo of yourself taken within the last few years, and consider uploading more than one.

Shots with your head, shoulders and at least part of your upper body, ideally from the waist up, tend to work best because they give a sense of what you actually look like.

Most dating websites have the option of uploading a few photos, so you could try a mix of headshots, medium shots and full photographs of you standing or sitting, so people can see what you look like.

Ask a friend to take your photo, and think about what you want to say. It can be a great idea to incorporate your hobby into your photo to reflect your personality – for instance you could be in the garden, reading a book, walking your dog, even holding a coffee. Make sure you smile in the photo and look directly at the camera.

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What are your tips for an online dating profile?

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