Be drink aware this December

Thanks to extensive awareness campaigns, most people understand that drink driving is a serious offence and know how to stay within the legal limits.

But what many still fail to consider is how drinking can impact the morning after. A heavy night could mean you’re not safe to drive the next day.

During the festive season when there are many more parties with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, the best policy is always that if you need to drive, don’t drink, and if you want to drink, don’t drive.

The morning after calculator

Sleep doesn’t mean you’re still not affected by alcohol and how much in our system depends on factors like age, body weight and alcohol consumed. It’s not simply enough that you believe yourself to be fine – if you’re pulled over and over the blood alcohol limit, you could face criminal charges.

No blood alcohol calculator is 100% accurate, but useful tools like’s Morning After Calculator are extremely helpful in illustrating roughly how long you should wait before driving.

If in doubt – don’t risk it. It’s always best to stay on the side of caution.

Age and alcohol

Your age impacts how quickly your body is able to break down alcohol, slowing the process down with each decade.

This means that you may believe that you’re within the limit, but your body isn’t processing the alcohol quickly enough to keep you that way and this is a factor that catches many drivers out.

If you need to drive the next day, stop drinking early, choose lower strength drinks, eat, and drink plenty of water, and most importantly, be sure to leave enough time to let the alcohol leave your system.

Do you consider the morning after when it comes to drink driving? Share your experiences in the comments below  


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