Multi-pet insurance: what you need to know

Many pet insurance companies offer discounts to owners with more than one pet. These are known as multi-pet discounts and can save owners between 5% and 15% on their cover.

There are a few things owners should be aware of to get the best deal.

The biggest discount multi-pet discount you can find is 15% off for all pets covered on the same policy by Bought By Many.

If you get a quote for the pets at the same time online the discount will automatically be applied. Get a quote online here.

If you want to find out about adding a pet to an existing policy to receive the discount you can call their customer service on 01444 221 043. The pets have to be on the same policy.

Other companies tend to offer a 5% or 10% discount but some offer nothing so shop around if you’re one of the 4 in 10 owners who have more than one pet. Bought By Many is the only UK pet insurer with a 15% multi-pet discount. Get a quote online here.

Multi-pet discounts should be applied to all the policies for the pets that are eligible and covered by an insurer.

A handful of insurers offer a fixed discount for each additional pet added to a policy, often around £12. Be aware that pet insurance can cost hundreds of pounds a year for certain breeds or older pets so it’s worth comparing fixed money off to a percentage discount.

Check that the insurer offers a discount if you’re covering different kinds of pets, for example, a dog and a cat. Most pet insurance companies are aimed at dog and cat owners but a handful of insurers have a separate discount if you’re covering multiple rabbits. And ExoticDirect allows you to add up to three birds, reptiles, or mammals to the same policy.

For cats and dogs, percentage discounts should be applied each year you renew your policy. It’s important to remember that some companies also add an introductory discount if you’re a new customer. This may make it seem like a good deal but it can mean you see a big jump in your premium at your first renewal. If you’ve made a claim in that first year it can make it difficult to switch providers because another company would not cover the condition you claimed for.

Although Bought By Many has the largest multi-pet discount it doesn’t offer other introductory deals because it feels loyal customers should not have to pay more than new ones. Get a quote online here.

Multi-pet discounts offer the potential for significant savings over the life of your pets. Pet insurance premiums tend to increase each year as the cost of vet treatment often increases and because pets are more likely to need treatment as they get older. This means the amount of money discounted each year will also increase.

If you own breeds that cost a lot to insure, especially if they’re older dogs, the discount could save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Get a quote online herevisit Bought By Many here or call Bought By Many on 01444 221 043