Preparing for a long drive with a pet

Whether you’re planning an extended break that your pet is coming on too or you’re locating to a new home, there are times when there’s just no better way to make the transition than by car.

Travelling can stressful for animals, so follow a few of our top tips for helping your pet stay comfortable and happy throughout the trip.

Make safety a top priority

The thought of letting your dog or cat sleep unhampered on the back seat might be a pleasant one, but it isn’t safe for either you or your pet. Animals should be securely confined and fastened when in a car to protect them in the event of a crash and to make sure they don’t accidentally cause one. Choose a comfortable carrier and set it out in your house for a few days before to you, to allow your pet to get used to it.

Practice makes perfect

Before you set out on your big trip, have a few practice runs. This will give your pet a chance to get used to being in the car and will alert you to any problems. Some animals can become car sick, so be vigilant for shaking, drooling or other signs of discomfort. Your vet should be able to provide you with the right sedatives or anti nausea pills if your pet becomes distressed in the car. 

Choose suitable treats

Keep your pets occupied by provided them with plenty of toys and long-lasting chews or snacks. Fill a few bottles with water from your own taps so you can provide drinks that won’t upset your pet’s stomach and don’t forget to bring favourite toys and bedding. If you’re travelling with a dog, make sure they are used to going to the bathroom in places other than your back garden or street, and always remember to pack litter for other pets.

Think about your pet’s comfort

If you can, place your pet’s carrier in a place that makes it possible for them to see you and make every effort to keep your driving smooth. Avoid loud music, remember to keep the car at a comfortable temperature and don’t ever leave your pets alone in the car. You can also help keep them calm and stress-free by talking to them throughout the journey – your pets will be happy to hear your voice.

The next time you’re setting out on an epic trip with your pet, bear these tips in mind and look forward to a smoother ride.

Have you ever done a long journey with your pet? Share your tips in the comments below!

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