The Bucket List

Bucket list – funny term  – It’s an abbreviation of ‘kick the bucket’. To die. Be gone…forever.

Do you have a ‘bucket list’?

I didn’t, because I think I’m semi-immortal.  I’m still fairly young in my minds eye, until of course I look in the mirror and see fine lines that seem to be getting deeper around the eyes, mini bags have appeared which no doubt will turn into supermarket trolleys and my upper eyelids are beginning to droop. There’s the odd facial hair that shouldn’t  be there  and the jowls are starting to sag and I use my thumbs and first two fingers of both hands to hoik it all up and convince myself I’d look better with a facelift. Awful isn’t it, saggy, baggy and droopy.  All very dowwwwn words, droopy words.

Anyway, I digress.  So, we’ve established that I’m all of the above and I reckon I’ve got 10 years until I run out of energy and enthusiasm to try something entirely out of my comfort zone, something I’ve never done before. So, my secret bucket list wish was,  I have always wanted to have my own coffee shop. I’ve searched for businesses for sale and lots of drifting off to sleep time has been spent planning my perfect coffee shop.  Decor, menus, colour schemes and so on, until I’m sick of so many varieties of sandwich filling and I can’t make up my mind what to fill my imaginary sandwiches with.  Anyway,  to cut a long story short, I have  just made my bucket wish list happen.  I’ve taken the plunge, committed myself into the unknown and actually just bought my coffee shop.  It’s scarey, its exciting, its challenging and flipping exhausting and I’m still having sleepless nights deciding which sandwich fillings to use.

But, I’ve done it.  So I’m kind of proud that I’ve  made it happen. The next thing on the BL, is a trip to the Maldives – so hopefully the profits from the coffee shop will pay for it.  Either that or a facelift.

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