An Unhappy Wife

An Unhappy Wife

Nobody knew the pain you felt
whilst travelling through your life
You had a husband, that was true
but you weren’t a happy wife

He always thought you were cheating on him,
although the reverse was true
You had women calling round at the house
What were you supposed to do?

You never felt you could leave him
while the children were still small
So you just got on with things each day
as if nothing was wrong at all

However, once it was just the two of you,
you knew that the time had come
You looked around and found a flat
And made plans whilst feeling quite numb

You got a divorce and coped quite well
Joined a club – found a new special friend
Went to a weekly canasta club
And your misery came to an end.

Your ex-husband died a year ago now
You were surprised that you felt rather numb
As you’d never been very happy with him
And what your life had become

But now in the two bedroomed house where you live
Your life is now firmly on track
Once this lockdown has ended, you can go out more
And your happiness can start to come back

About the author

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I love getting to grips with new technology, visiting new places and reading stories which make me cry

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