Greysons Hummus recipe

Greysons Hummus recipe

3 – 1/2 cups soaked and cooked chickpeas (1 – 1/2 cups dry)
OR 2 cans chickpeas (15 oz. each), drained and rinsed
1/3 cup tahini paste
8 roasted garlic cloves, or more to taste
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice, or more to taste
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, plus more for garnish
3/4 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp salt (or more to taste)
Pinch of cayenne pepper Paprika and fresh minced parsley for garnish (optional)

You will also need Food processor

If using canned chickpeas, drain the chickpea water from one can into a small bowl and reserve.

If using dried chickpeas, drain and rinse them after soaking, then simmer them in lightly salted water on the stovetop for 60-90 minutes until soft and tender. Drain the beans and reserve 1/4 cup of the cooking water in a small bowl. Note: to make this hummus ultra creamy, you can peel the cooked chickpeas. Squeeze each chickpea gently to remove the skin, then discard the skins before processing. While this step is not completely necessary, it will ensure that your hummus turns out very smooth and creamy.

Reserve about 15-20 whole chickpeas for garnish. Outfit your food processor with a blade attachment. Place chickpeas, tahini paste, roasted garlic, lemon juice, 1 tbsp olive oil, salt, cumin, and cayenne pepper into the processor. Pulse the ingredients for about 60 seconds, then process until smooth.

Taste the mixture and add more salt, lemon juice, or garlic to taste. Process again to blend any additional ingredients. If the texture seems too thick, add some of the reserved water from the chickpea can or cooking liquid and continue to process until desired consistency is reached.

Transfer hummus to a shallow bowl and create a well in the center with a spoon. Garnish with reserved chickpeas, a drizzle of olive oil, and a sprinkle of paprika and minced fresh parsley.

Serve with pita, crackers, or fresh dipping vegetables.

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