If there’s a will, there’s a way

Spring has sprung and inspired Martin Silvester to write an amusing poem about gardening …. 

If there’s a will, there’s a way

I should be so excited, spring is really here,
The grass is looking greener, now where’s my gardening gear.
I meant to clean the mower up, but as usual, I forgot,
Now where are last years seeds I saved, did I put them in a pot?

I wish I’d done the pruning, but there’s no-one I can blame,
And I wish I’d whacked the weeds again, before the winter came.
I seem to do it every year, the garden just gets missed,
Because there’s always something else to do, like a Christmas list.

But the daffodils are blooming, so I find my garden rake,
And end up with a pile of leaves, which to the dump I’ll take.
I then attack the flower beds, bind-weed and grass go flying,
The fork goes in, then breaks in half, without me really trying.

The fence is looking dodgy, looks like the posts have rotted,
And half the patio tub shrubs, will have to be re-potted.
The hedge is looking overgrown, no time to have a rest,
I guess I’ll have to cut it, before the birds all start to nest.

The veggie patch needs digging, the Montana needs a trim,
The pond is full of winter slime, in fact, it looks quite grim.
The greenhouse has some broken panes, the doors come off its tracks,
And the garden paths developed…some nasty looking cracks.

So I get a chair out of the shed and sit under a tree,
Treat myself to a custard cream, and a soothing cup of tea.
I used to love the garden, with all the work that it entails,
I’d look forward to the springtime, at the end of winters gales.

But now I’m getting older, I don’t seem to get the pleasure,
Or the joy my garden brought me, before I had my leisure .
I’ve waited a whole lifetime, for these golden days to come,
To watch my flowers blossom and hear the bumble bees all hum.

It’s ok having kneeling pads, it’s my knees that are a pain,
The getting down is not too bad, but I can’t get up again.
Bending…twisting…pulling..reaching, all the things I used to do,
I’m just not the person I used to be, unfortunately, it’s true.

So..do I get a gardener, to weed and mow the lawn,
Or do I think of downsizing, now I’m feeling worn.
Or do I stick my chin out, faint heart never won a war,
Don’t let  aches and pain make me…. walk through the old age door.

I think my answers plain to see, don’t give up the things you love,
Find a way to compromise, it’ll be too late when your above.
You’ve got the time to eke it out, so do a little bit each day,
Don’t try to do it all at once, If there’s a will…there’s a way.


Written by: Martin Silvester

About the author

Martin Silvester
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Not a lot to tell...just an ordinary man...always loved writing but never had the time until now...hope I've got a few years left to write about the million things I would like to get down on paper be it in poetry form or just plain old story telling. Just in case anyone would like me to come along to their group and read a few of my poems live..I would be happy to do so within the confines of Kent or Sussex...I would just need to cover my time and petrol costs...plus a cup of tea and a biscuit. Just email [email protected] To answer some of your questions= ex-army..ex -jackeroo...ex-builder..ex-quite a few other things..still rocking...married...2 + 3 children...7 grandchildren...retired...love custard creams. I have now published my first collection of poems which are now available on Amazon under the title of..LAST APPLE ON THE TREE. The book consists of twenty seven poems covering a wide range of topics and emotions. My second book has just been published and is called A BREEZE IN THE WILLOWS, also available on Amazon. I hope that everyone will get as much enjoyment reading them, as I did writing them.

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