For our Incredible NHS, Thank You

For our incredible NHS, Thank you

I have to admit,
And I must confess,
In the past, I have moaned
About this country’s NHS
But since this tragic
And invisible mishap,
I’ve too stood outside
With a cheer and a clap
To support all doctors and nurses
Who do a job, so very fine,
Selflessly risking their own lives
Out on the front line,
These dedicated, brave, kind, people
Including junior trainees and medics,
Working tirelessly round the clock
To beat this global pandemic

How hard for their families
When off to work, they let them go?
As we all so fear this virus
Of which so little, we yet know,
For some will get it mildly
And for others, it will be rough,
Whilst finding a cure so far
Proves impossibly tough,
Yet our NHS keep fighting
Saving lives is their aim
All we must do is ‘Stay home’
Those who don’t? Should feel shame!

I have to admit
And I hate to confess,
In the past I have moaned
About the state of our NHS,
But in true British style
When put to the test,
Our heroes emerge
Never failing to give their best,
So to all those out there
Doing everything for us,
I don’t think we public
Will ever again make a fuss,
For you are just Heroes
For everything you do,
And we as a nation
Stand, proudly to salute you….

Lesley Hawkins
Sometime in April 2020

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Retired BA air hostess, mother of three gorgeous grown-up children, and I now run a little shop in Lymington called The Dressing Room. I have always loved writing amusing poems - usually for friends but today I have taken the plunge and shared my writing here! Always looking on the bright side of life and seeing the funny side of everything I believe that laughter is the best medicine!

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