The Puppies

The Puppies

I’ve got a pair of puppies which are quite attached to me.
I’ve had ‘em for a while now, they’re called 36 double G.
I wasn’t always quite so blessed, they’ve come as a surprise.
My younger pair of puppies were a more manageable size.

Those pesky youths were firm and pert, but sands of time are shifting
And now they need more stiff support and something more uplifting.
They’re meaty, beefy, big and bouncy jogging round the villages
And always first up to the table to catch unguarded spillages.

Whenever I get dressed up and go out, they get there first,
But they served my babies well, succour to hunger and to thirst.
So even though they won’t behave, (they’re heading for my knees),
It’s important every now and then I give them both a squeeze.

Now ladies, love your puppies, be they mountains or just bumps.
Give ‘em both a good pat down and feel for any lumps.
They deserve your full attention, you should watch them like a hawk,
Then strap ‘em up securely and go and take them for a walk!

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Ex Thomas Cook manager, now retired, love travelling, reading, dining out and drinking wine!

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