Vintage Sugar Rush

Vintage Sugar Rush

Come with me down Memory Lane, to a candy coated collection.
Where Roses grow on Quality Street in a land of sweet confection.
Where Bounty tastes of paradise and a light bite is Milky Way.
Where the Topic is full of hazelnuts and Mars helps you work rest and play.

Pineapple Chunks and Midget Gems, Torpedos, Cherry Lips,
Sherbet Lemons, Bon Bons, Barley Sugar and Sherbert Pips.
Cinder Toffee and Pomfret Cakes all sold by the quarter.
Chewy squares of Opal fruits, made to make your mouth water.

Coconut Mushrooms, Cough Candy and bags of Rainbow Drops.
Liquorice Pipes and Lucky Bags and Swizzle Lollipops.
Fry’s delight was Turkish, sheiks and camels in the sand,
And crispy coated Treets “melt in your mouth not in your hand.”

Spangles, Tooty Frooties , Jelly Tots and Dib Dab Dips,
Flying saucers, Caramac and Duncan’s Walnut Whips.
Rainbow Kali, ColaCubes, square tins of Victory Vees.
A fair head boy with glasses on “The milky bars are on me!”

Sugar and spice and all that’s nice, sweet memories of our youth.
How many more can you recall to satisfy our sweet tooth ?

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Ex Thomas Cook manager, now retired, love travelling, reading, dining out and drinking wine!

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