Do you take notice of dietary and medical advice regarding healthy eating?

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Are you fed up to the back teeth with the latest medical or dietary advice on eating?

Every week we are told via the news and papers to include or exclude certain food groups in our diet, and more often than not it contradicts previous ‘medical’ advice.

Only last year we had the “7-a-day” campaign, whatever happened to that?

Now it’s “eat fat”, then it was “polyunsaturates” and we have recently been told that sugar is the enemy, not fat!

There are varying  reports on what additional vitamins and minerals we should take as a supplement to our balanced diet and these also change depending on who carries out the research.

What do you do to stay fit and healthy and what do you think about what you read in the media?

Do you take notice of the latest dietary and medical advice on eating?

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What are your views?

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30th May 2015
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eat to live. do not live to eat.
23rd May 2015
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You are a Silversurfer, so do your research online, look for the benefits of coconut oil as a start. Not all fats are equal. High fat low carb diet works for me, full english most mornings"great".
18th May 2015
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I recommend the See Food diet. See food and eat it. Half of the world doesn't have enough to eat we should be grateful.
10th May 2015
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Because the latest food or health warning is frequently reported as being neutral or good for you at a later date it seems pointless to take too much notice. Unless it is something like smoking, with medical evidence over a long period of time to back it up. It should be everything in moderation but I must admit I do not practice that very much, although I need to! Must try harder!
7th May 2015
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Do take notice of advice but the chops and changes blow your confidence e.g. eggs & cholesterol, Butter v Flora
7th May 2015
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I am a firm believer in everything in moderation. Not that I always practice that! I think when a product is recommended it's a good idea to find out who wass funding the trials, for how long etc. and then use your own judement to decide whether it's more about promotion and can it really live up to it's claims and vice, versa.
4th May 2015
Thanks for voting! Always understood that as well as being a vital part of life
Food should be one of the PLEASURES of life : BUT it seems
as soon as you find some that you are fond of; some "Expert"
publishes a reason why we must not eat it, Furthermore after
listening to the " Advice" meted out by a succession of these
"Expert" Dieticians mostly who have lucrative posts within the
Health industry I've come to a conclusion as to what to do with
their "Advice" --- 90% of it File in the Rubbish Bin-- 10% save
for something to entertain yourself on a cold night-- ;-),
28th Apr 2015
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Surely common sense tells us what we should be eating and drinking. Anything in moderation, if you overdo it, take bit more exercise. Don't cut out things, just work out a balance that suits.
28th Apr 2015
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One big con run buy big busisness the NHs and the govermeant of the day. I take No Notice of any of it you can tell who the nutters are at the top 32%! Sooner it dismantled the better people should not be told what to eat and drink in a free country
28th Apr 2015
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I am type 2 diabetic, have high blood pressure, and over weight. I am advised by different doctors and clinic nurses on diet and get different advice from all. Don't eat bananas, yes do they are good for you. Low carb high fat, no low fat. Fruit juice, no it's bad for you. At the moment I don't know if I am coming or going and it makes you feel like giving up trying.
28th Apr 2015
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We are told every week different advice plus we don't always know what is in our food e.g apparently there is sugar in items we would not think contain it so it is sometimes difficult to know what is healthiest to eat.
28th Apr 2015
Thanks for voting!
My grannie used to say "all things in moderation" sound advice! These "studies" rarely quote the number of participants and are often (if not sponsored) an academic exercise which the media pounce on.
27th Apr 2015
Thanks for voting!
Too many of these so called independent studies and recommendations are undertaken or sponsored by various food companies with vested interests in telling you that their particular product is healthy. Red wine, coffee, fruit, butter, sugar, carbs even chocolate have been certified good and bad over the years. I don't believe a word of it - just eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg, exercise more and you'll give yourself a decent chance of good health into later life.
27th Apr 2015
Thanks for voting!
I have a similar diet week in week out. Weetabix for breakfast with fruit...sandwich for lunch and chicken/salmon/mince for dinner + lots & lots of tea and a couple of coffees plus some oranges and apples...Is this a good tell me? Most of the people in the world would be delighted with that diet so I count myself very lucky. My grandparents were very very poor and used to eat stuff like tripe! They lived until their mid 90s. enough said!
Jo Kingham
27th Apr 2015
Thanks for voting!
I draw my own conclusions - there are too many opinions and too many different bits of advice out there, I think you have to read the facts and make up your own mind about these things.
27th Apr 2015
Thanks for voting!
You don't know what's good or bad for you any more if you listen to the media.Some diets cut out fat completely and now it's sugar that's the big 'no-no'. If you read and believe what some of the newspapers say you could drive yourself crazy! I think the best thing is to engage the little grey cells and take all the advice with a pinch of salt (though you're not allowed to eat too much salt now - ha ha!).

Everything in moderation is my motto.
27th Apr 2015
Thanks for voting!
I have always been careful with my diet and never over eat and I still weigh the same as I did when i was in my 20s. By cooking from scratch with plenty of veg. I find I don't have to go on a diet. I love cooking and have a passion for cookery books.
27th Apr 2015
Thanks for voting!
It is all so totally confusing! One minute its don't eat eggs...the next its yes you can eat eggs. Drink Red wine...don't drink too much. Is it really too difficult for the government to get a website that give everyone in the UK advise about what to eat and how to stay heathy?

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