Do you think Princess Beatrice and Eugenie should be given royal duties?

It was revealed in the sunday papers that there is a nasty feud brewing between Prince Charles and Prince Andrew threatening to divide the royals like never before.

Prince Andrew wants Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie to be given taxpayer-funded royal roles and new accommodation at Kensington Palace but the move has been blocked by Prince Charles.

Prince Andrew believes his daughters are already being overshadowed by William, Kate and Harry and the situation will get worse as Prince George and Princess Charlotte get older.

He has long argued that as the only ‘blood princesses’ in the family, Beatrice and Eugenie deserve proper royal roles like their cousins, along with the same standard of accommodation at Kensington Palace. He fears that they will be totally sidelined when the Queen dies.

Prince Charles, The heir to the throne, wants a more “streamlined” monarchy with only William, Kate and Harry taking centre stage at major royal events.

Now it seems the Queen has taken a side and it’s with Beatrice and Eugenie. A member of the Queen’s court revealed to The Mail on Sunday that the Queen is very fond of the sisters and while she must publicly support Charles, she believes that sidelining Beatrice and Eugenie would be impractical.

“The Queen adores the girls and is keen for them to have some kind of a role,” said the source. “Charles’s vision for a streamlined family is all very well, but how can the Royal Family do everything it currently does with just five players?”

The Queen believes for the sake of the monarchy, Beatrice and Eugenie should be allowed to carry out more royal duties. Presently, the sisters are not on the official royal roster.

What are your views? Should the Duke of York’s daughters become full-time members of “The Firm”? Do you think other royals should be given more duties?

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