Would you be happy to have a drive-through flu jab this year?

GP practices are planning drive-through flu clinics to maximise uptake of jabs during the 2020/21 vaccination programme amid safety concerns in the coronavirus pandemic.

Amid the ongoing uncertainty, GPs have continued with work to ensure they can deliver this year’s flu programme – and plan to use drive-through and walk-though clinics to deliver jabs.

Some practices have already resorted to drive-through clinics for other routine immunisations as a way to boost uptake among patients who may be reluctant to attend clinics during the pandemic – and to avoid social distancing challenges.

GPs have warned that they need resources, funding and time to establish innovative ways to deliver this year’s flu programme if they are to respond to calls from NHS England for the profession to ‘maximise take up’ of flu jabs in 2020.

What are your views?  Would you be happy to have your annual flu jab in a drive-through clinic?

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