Starting a blog or newsletter made easy

Blogging is a wonderful way to get creative, express yourself, share your hobbies and keep in touch with friends and family.

It’s never been easier to do – if you can log in to Facebook, you’re tech savvy enough to run your own blog. Thanks to new platforms designing, uploading and maintaining a blog or newsletter is easy.

Here’s a few platforms that can help you get up and running quickly.



If you just want to write, plain and simple, Medium is the platform for you. You can sign up using your Facebook or Google log in (meaning there’s one less password to remember). The platform shares writing from other authors and makes it easy to share your own. By clicking “new story” you’ll be directed to a blank page, asked to enter a title, and given plenty of blank space to get your thoughts down. When you’re ready to publish it, you click publish, and you’re done. It’s published then ready to share with others.


If you want a blog or website where you have more creative control over design and layout, Wix is a great platform option. It’s free to use and has a very simple, visual, and intuitive platform. You can drag-and-drop your design, use templates and prompts, and get your website up and running – complete with picture – in in space of an afternoon.



As the internet has evolved, many writers have moved away from blogging in favour of newsletters. Newsletters are a brilliant opportunity to share your work and deliver it straight to the people who are interested in reading it. It’s also brilliant for staying in touch with family and friends – you could send a monthly newsletter letting the people you care about most know about what you’re up to and give them a chance to follow your adventures. TinyLetter is a brilliant, simple and free platform where you can get started. You create an account and you’ll set up a link where people can subscribe to your newsletter. When you have something to say it’s as simple as logging in, writing, then clicking send.


MailChimp is a more advanced platform if you anticipate having a large platform or are interested in intricate features like analytics and reporting. At its heart, it’s still very simple to set up your newsletter and design it because it relies on drag-and-drop templates. There’s also plenty of resources and tutorials about how to make the most of your newsletter. A great one for any budding writers who also have an interest in website development.

Would you try making a blog or newsletter?

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