No Fuss Vegetarian Dinners

National Vegetarian Week is the time to try your hand at making simple vegetarian meals which are healthy, filling, and delicious.

Lots of people will be sharing recipes for veggie meals during National Vegetarian Week, which takes place from Monday 18 to Sunday 24 May 2015. Whether you’ve always fancied giving vegetarian meals a go or you just want to include a few more healthy dinners into your diet, we have easy, fast, vegetarian recipes you can make for dinner in celebration of vegetarian week.

Vegetable Showstoppers

Broccoli Spinach and Parmesan pie

Broccoli Spinach and Parmesan pie

British asparagus, in season until late June, is thought to be the best variety of this vegetable delicacy, and it is filled with essential vitamins and minerals. Celebrate the British asparagus season with a simple but tasty one pot British Asparagus Pilaf that will feed a family.

Broccoli is packed with protein, vitamin C and other essential nutrients, so makes a great ingredient for a vegetarian dinner. These fuss-free Broccoli, Spinach and Cheese Pies combine broccoli with iron-rich spinach and a delicious creamy sauce, to make a simple but filling meal.

The humble pea is filled with vitamins, zinc, and high dietary fibre, making it an excellent vegetable to include in a veggie dinner. Eggs, which wrongly had a bad reputation for years, are high in protein, minerals and vitamins, providing the body with essential amino acids. Add them together and you have a healthy and simple vegetarian recipe like this Minted Pea and Feta Omelette from the Hairy Bikers.

Comfort Meals

Jamie Oliver's Veggie Chilli

Jamie Oliver’s Veggie Chilli

If you like a warm and spicy chilli, try making the switch to a veggie version for National Vegetarian Week. This Veggie Chilli recipe from Jamie Oliver is teeming with fibre from sweet potatoes and beans, and full of flavour.

Lentils are cheap and easily cooked sources of dietary fibre and protein, which often means they are a common ingredient in no fuss vegetarian dinners. This satisfyingly creamy Lentils and Rice Recipe is lightly flavoured with garlic and spices, and is very simple to make.

This one pot Mushroom and Potato Curry is quick to cook and makes an excellent vegetarian dinner. Smoky aubergine and potatoes soak up the curry spices, while low-calorie mushrooms provide a B vitamin punch.

Mediterranean Classics

Vegetable Garden Risotto

Vegetable Garden Risotto

The flavours and recipes of Italy, France, Greece and the Mediterranean are often perfectly suited to vegetarian meals. For a truly simple meal you could make a Classic Tomato Spaghetti sauce for dinner, and add some fresh vegetables, a salad, or grilled courgette to add extra nutrients.

The Provençal speciality of ratatouille is naturally vegetarian, and is also low fat and filled with vegetables, making it a great way to get vitamins and minerals. Try this Ratatouille recipe from Delia Smith to create an easy, classic French dish, perfect for National Vegetarian Week.

Risotto is another fantastic Italian recipe that’s easily suited to a vegetarian diet. This Vegetable Garden Risotto combines fresh vegetables like asparagus, peas and runner beans with crumbly feta and creamy risotto rice to make a filling meal.

What’s your favourite vegetarian meal?


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