The Internet’s favourite tips and tricks

Satisfying little tricks, shortcuts and skills are often called “life hacks”, and the internet is an endless source of inspiration when it comes to making life easier.

From clever uses for vinegar to better ways to organise your kitchen cupboard, there’s thousands of great tips and tricks you can incorporate into daily life.

Today we’re sharing a few of the Internet’s favourite tips and tricks and where you can read up on a few more.

  • Hull strawberries using a straw – If you need to get the stems off of strawberries quickly for cooking and baking, try this simple trick. Get a Vegware straw and push it through the strawberry from the bottom – when it pokes through the top, it will cleanly take the stem with it.
  • Hold a nail in place with a clothes pegs – Clothes pegs aren’t just for hanging up the washing. Use them to safely hold a nail in place so you can hammer without danger of hurting your fingers.
  • Use a wooden spoon to keep a pot from boiling over – Keep a pot from boiling over by placing a wooden spoon across it. It’s simple and will help save from unnecessary mess in the kitchen.
  • Use toilet roll holders for wires – Today’s tech-focused world means most households have dozens of different wires to contend with. Keep everything organised and in one place by placing wires inside toilet roll holders – they can then be stacked neatly and upright in a shoebox, so you can quickly see which wire you need.
  • Hollow out a sunscreen bottle for valuables – Keeping your valuables safe at the beach while you’re taking a swim is a constant struggle on a beach holiday. Empty out an old sunscreen bottle and clean thoroughly – you can use it as an inconspicuous ruse to hold your money, keys and phone.
  • Identify keys using nail polish – If you have a keyring with several similar looking keys, quickly tell them apart by painting the handles using nail polish.

Find more hints and tips on the web

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