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It wasn’t too long ago that we only had four channels on our televisions but these days there are almost too many ways for us to watch our favourite shows, with none more successful than Netflix.

It’s a great online service that stores a huge amount of films and TV programs and lets us watch what we want, when we want.

If you’re new to Netflix, setting up an account on their website is simple with a monthly subscription fee starting at £5.99, and you can also opt for a free trial for the first month to see how you enjoy it. With this one account you can access all of the content on any device you register including your television, tablet, laptop, and phone – meaning you can even use it on the move.

So if you are interested here are the ten best shows currently available but it’s really just the tip of the iceberg!

TED Talks

First created in 1984 TED (Technology Entertainment Design) Talks are a collection of bite-sized lectures ranging from ‘how to tie your shoe correctly (we all do it wrong) to how computer systems in the future will be able to read our minds. Every lecture is snappy, smart and thought-provoking and with such a huge amount available there is sure to be something to interest you.

House of Cards

Made by and shown exclusively by Netflix. This remake of the British series switches Downing Street to the White House as Congressman Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) travels through the seedy underbelly of the American political system as he sets out to further his own political aspirations.

If you’ve never seen the original you can catch that on Netflix too.

The Thick of It

A slightly more playful, but no less intelligent, view on politics, The Thick of It is the best political satire ever made for television. Focusing on the inner workings of the British government and the politicians’ relationship with the media, all managed by the foul-mouthed and unforgettable spin doctor Malcolm Tucker.


Mob Boss turned police informant Frank Tagliano’s journey from New York to a witness protection program in Norway begins as the fish out of water comedy you would expect but becomes darker and more surreal as the plot unfolds. Worth trying out just to see the stunning cinematography of the Norwegian landscapes.

Breaking Bad

Winning sixteen Emmys over its five series, Breaking Bad has become the go-to example of the new wave of smart and edgy television. Walter White begins as a simple family man and chemistry teacher but after he is diagnosed with a terminal illness, his life unravels as he begins to manufacture illegal narcotics to support his family.

Louis Theroux

A collection of all his BBC documentaries, from spending a weekend with Paul Daniels, to the war in Palestine, Theroux shows you don’t always need fiction when the world around you is already so fascinating and full of life.

The Bridge

This crime thriller’s success has already spawned an American and British remake but neither has managed to capture the magic of the original Scandinavian collaboration. The story of a body found on the bridge separating Sweden and Denmark, which forces a joint investigation to catch the killer, is full of twists and dark revelations.

David Attenborough

There is abundance of animal and nature documentaries on offer, with the best by far being the stunning catalogue of David Attenborough’s BBC series. Planet Earth, The Frozen Planet, Africa and many more are available and are a must watch for any nature enthusiast.

Educating Essex/Yorkshire

Following teachers and pupils over the course of a year at two English high schools is far more interesting than it has any right to be. From recent graduate teachers trying to stamp their brand of teaching on their classes to a teenager with a speech impediment preparing for a presentation, it’s an emotional and heart-warming slice of life.

Both are great but it’s Educating Yorkshire that really shouldn’t be missed.

The Good Wife

Following a cheated-upon housewife who re-enters her legal career when her husband is imprisoned, The Good Wife is a smart and snappy courtroom drama, that unlike many other shows focuses on the well-rounded ensemble of actors creating a captivating and witty character-driven drama.

Have you tried out Netflix yet?

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