10 clever uses for binder clips

If you have binder clips in your office gathering dust, put them to good use – today we’re sharing 10 clever alternative uses for binder clips.

  1. Razor cover – Packing your razor in your suitcase to go travelling? Try placing a binder clip over the blade to stop you from nicks and scratches.
  2. Emergency cuff links – If you’ve mislaid your favourite cufflinks, try improvising a makeshift pair with a small binder clip instead. It will hold the cuff in place without drawing too much attention to your error.
  3. For the toothpaste roll – Plastic toothpaste rolls can be troublesome when they’re reaching the end of the bottle. Instead of squeezing toothpaste forward every time, roll the bottom of the tube and secure with a binder clip.
  4. As a sponge holder – If you have a sink sponge that never seems to dry off, try this simple trick. Place your sponge inside a binder clip and then leave upright to dry. It’s a discreet and sanitary solution.
  5. Wrapping paper holder – Rolls of wrapping paper can be annoying to store. Use a binder clip at the top and bottom of the roll to secure the paper in place and make for easy storage.
  6. Cord organiser – While tablets and smartphones have made life easier, the cords that come with them most certainly have not. Try this simple trick: loop your cord through the metal handle of a binder clip (remove and loop through for larger cords) and then secure to the edge of your desk or nightstand. Your wire will always be there when you need it.
  7. Fix your keyboard – If your keyboard no longer sits upright evenly, try removing the legs and replace with binder clips instead. Carefully press in the handle of the binder clip to remove, then fasten it to your keyboard where the legs originally connected. You’ll have a new sturdy solution that keeps your keyboard level.
  8. Keep your food fresh – Foods like cereals and crisps that come in air tight bags can go soggy if exposed to open air too long. When you’re finished snacking, carefully roll down the bag and secure using a binder clip.
  9. Stack bottles in the fridge – If you regularly have bottles of water or beer in the fridge, try this simple trick. Place a binder clip at the bottom of your fridge shelf so the flat part of the binder clip is flush with the bars and the clamp is facing upward. The triangular shape of the binder clip will act as a barrier to make for easy stacking.
  10. Organise keys – Binder clips can help you quickly label and organise multiple sets of keys at home. Loop your keyring through the handle of the binder clip, then attach a sticker or piece of tape to label the clip. You can lay them flat or hang them easily, too.


Do you know any clever uses for binder clips? Let us know in the comments below!

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