Hobbies for two

If you’re in the mood to try something new or want to spend more quality time with a loved one, then a new pastime could be for you. We take a look at some ideas for new hobbies to try that are great fun with a friend or partner.

You might be surprised by the hobby classes available in towns and cities across the UK, whether you want to learn a new skill, make something beautiful, get fit or give something back.

Arts and Crafts

Painting and illustrating classes can be great fun to attend with a friend or partner, and you might unearth a hidden talent. What’s more, once you learn how to paint or draw and feel more confident with it, you and your friend or partner can make the hobby part of somewhere bigger. Imagine going on a day trip to the seaside to paint, walking in the park and sketching trees, or drawing loved ones for a precious memento.

Making ceramics with a partner or friend can be a great hobby. You could try ceramic painting, working together to shape raw clay into bowls or pots, making decorative tiles for your home, or making mugs for tea and coffee.

Woodworking can also be a brilliant hobby to take up, and experts offer classes in everything from wood carving to furniture making. You could make a bird box for the garden, a jewellery box for your partner, a picture frame for photos of your grandchildren or even matching chairs for your home.

Sports and Activities

There are lots of sports which make great hobbies, even if you’re not particularly athletic.

Attending yoga or tai-chi classes together can be a fantastic experience, and as well as teaching you new skills they will help you get more flexible and fit.

Dancing can be fun hobby for couples, but it’s great to do with friends too. Whether you’re inspired to try elegant ballroom dancing, fancy learning some smooth salsa moves, or want to enjoy some lively swing, there’s bound to be a dance class to suit.

Hiking or walking together can be great, especially if you like exploring the outdoors. There are guide books available online and in shops that will help you to plan walks in your local area. Pack a picnic, strap on a good pair of walking books and head outside to explore your local country parks, botanic gardens, and even city centres. Try taking it in turns to lead a walk, so you take your friend somewhere you want them to see one week, and they can do the same for you another.

If you like friendly competitions, then there are other sporty things you could try together. Why not take up ten pin bowling, learn how to play golf, play outdoor bowls, go fishing, or even try fencing?

Culture and Community

If you and your friend or partner are keen readers, then joining a book club could be a perfect hobby for you to try. Not only will it spur you on to read new things, but you’ll get to share your thoughts together with a group of like-minded people, and enjoy tea (and sometimes cake) while you’re at it.

There are lots of other cultural activities you could do together. Perhaps you could have a regular ‘culture date’ to see films, attend galleries and go to the theatre together. You could both attend a short story writing class and surprise each other with your hidden literary talents. You could even learn how to do your family tree, and see what you learn about your ancestry.

You might not think of it as a hobby but volunteering together could help you learn new skills at the same time as giving something back to your local community. Perhaps you could work on a community garden, help out in your local church, work on an outdoor conservation project, or go for walks with people who need company.

What other hobbies could people take up with partners or friends?

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