Cacao Chocolate & Matcha Swirl Cake

This is Cacao & Matcha Cake

Using natural cacao is more healthy than chocolate and this combined with the taste and qualities of Matcha create a lovely light and tasty cake. Great colours too.
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Recipe 👇
250g self raising flour
250g unsalted butter
250g caster sugar
4 eggs
5 tbsp milk or Almond milk
1tsp vanilla
3 tbsp natural cacao powder
3 tbsp of Matcha powder

* Heat oven to 180c/fan, 160c or gas mark 4.
* Cream together the butter and sugar with a mixer, then add in the eggs and milk.
* Gradually add in sieved flour until all combined.
* Divide mixture in two. Add and mix in well.. Matcha and vanilla essence to one half and cacao powder to the other.
* Put spoonfuls of alternate mixtures into a 20cm, greased and lined cake tin.
* Create whatever pattern you like!
* Level the surface and put into the oven for 40-45 minutes or until skewer comes out cleanly.
* I topped it with cacao chocolate buttercream and walnuts.


About the author

I'm a mum of two boys (and 2 dogs) and have my own business in website design, branding, graphic design & marketing ( I am also a photographer and am drawn to anything creative (painting, art, styling, design, colour). I enjoy cooking, baking (wow.woo_food on Instagram), making things and love nature, the countryside, mountains, skiing, colours, travel, adventures and having a giggle with friends! Having past the great 5-0 many years ago I am determined to stay young at heart and grasp any opportunity that presents itself :):):)
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