St. Clements Drizzle Cake

St. Clements Drizzle Cake

175g Caster Sugar

175g Soft butter

175g Self Raising Flour

4 Tbl Spoons Milk

3 Tbl Spoons Granulated Sugar

2 Eggs (medium)

Grated Zest  & Juice of  1 lemon & 1 orange



Combine Sugar, Butter and zest of fruit in a bowl until creamy and pale.

Add milk, and then beat in eggs, one at a time with a spoonful of flour.

Add remaining flour and spoon into a baking tin.

Bake for 30 -40 mins approx in moderate oven (160–180) or slightly lower if fan assisted.

Meanwhile, put the juice of fruit in a pan and boil to reduce to approx 3 tbl spoons.

Leave to cool, then stir in granulated sugar.

When the cake comes out of the oven, prick all over with a fork and slowly drizzle syrup over the cake.

Leave to cool completely before taking out of the tin.

This is the nicest, moist cake you will ever bake!

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