I wish I’d looked after my feet
Not tottered in high heels down the street
Those fancy stilettos 👠
Worn to dance and pose
Were squeezing my feet a real treat

If I hadn’t squashed into tight shoes
And sashayed myself down the mews
I wouldn’t have bunions
The size of pickled onions 🌰
And toes that are crooked and abused

When I think of my poor feet dancing
Restrained in those shoes so entrancing
But I was young and carefree
I couldn’t foresee
That hammertoes & corns were advancing

If I’d known the pain that was looming
As I strutted with full youth blooming
I’d have worn flat clogs
With my glittery togs
Ha! 😃 No I wouldn’t! Who am I fooling?

Maybe if I’d listened to my dear old Mum
My toes won’t be curled, mis-shapen & numb
But wearing a high heel
Gives glamour and sex appeal
‘Til you stumble and fall on your bum!

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