Would you vote differently in a new EU Referendum?

An anonymous group of business leaders and academics is mounting a legal challenge to stop the government from beginning Brexit negotiations without a full debate and vote by MPs.

A recent survey suggested Leave voters are now experiencing “Bregret” – Brexit regret. Polling firm Opinium found last week that 7% now wished they had voted to stay in the EU.

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve said a second referendum could happen “with the passage of time” if it became apparent that public opinion had shifted. He also rebuffed suggestions that pro-EU supporters should not speak out now that the country has voted, saying that people in a free society should be able to dispute the majority view.

Silversurfers conducted two extensive Barometer Surveys and 66% of you voted to Leave the EU both times we asked you.

Two weeks later, after the Referendum on 23rd June concluded Brexit, David Cameron resigned, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage who drove the Brexit campaign have disappeared, there’s a campaign for a new Conservative leader and potentially one for the Labour party too.  The dust hasn’t yet settled and there is still uncertaintly. Both sides lied. But the one lie that will be remembered is the £350 million a week that will go to the NHS if we voted leave.

So if you had the chance to vote again in a new Referendum, would you still vote in the same way that you did? Feel free to express your views in the comment section below.

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